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It has been said that registered nurses and doctors can make the worst patients—we all think that we don’t need treatment or therapy, even though we advise others that they do. So when I decided to learn Reiki therapy, my instructor inquired if I had ever actually had a Reiki session. My answer was “no,” but I knew what she was getting at. My first Reiki experience was wonderful. I went into a deep, relaxed sleep and I saw swirling colors of fuchsia and purple lights as if someone was finger-painting in front of my closed eyes.

This heightened sense of relaxation and and balance remained strong for several days, and then two weeks later, I noticed a miraculous occurrence. I remember exclaiming, “Oh my gosh, my eyes are no longer burning!” You see, for almost two years, I had appointments with countless ophthalmologists and dermatologists for my eyes; and even with prescribed steroid medications, nothing relieved my symptoms. I have Ocular Rosacea and it used to make my eyes burn as if chili peppers were in them 24 hours a day — always! Plus, I have extremely sensitive skin so that the tender areas around my eyes would look so bad — almost like someone threw acid on me.

Some may call it a coincidence, but all I know is that I found relief after my Reiki session. So, at my next ophthalmologist appointment, I told the medical student on duty about my remarkable Reiki experience. Excitedly, she told me that she had  just had a Reiki demonstration in her classroom in medical school.  The student then relayed the story of my transformative Reiki experience to the Medical Director at the Eye & Ear Hospital. The director has since taken over my care because, “It’s about time patients become open-minded and adopt Eastern medicine!”  And this ophthalmologist practices what she preaches, because she returned to school to add Doctor of Acupuncture to her resume!

Now every couple of months, or sooner if I find my eyes starting to tingle, I schedule my own Reiki session to ease the discomfort associated with my ocular rosacea and to lessen the stresses that everyday life can have on a body, mind, and soul. But best of all, since that first Reiki session, I have never had to use any eye medications again.